Lulu’s log

Hello loyal subjects. Princess Lulu here. When the boss is away the house goes to rack and ruin. I needed an ice cream to hold me together.LuluShe is swanning around Seoul and he is floundering helplessly wondering what to do with all the gadgets she lovingly prepared for him. The only one that seems to interest him is the steam cleaner. Typical bloke. He pretends it is a steam train. To be honest I haven’t actually seen him do any housework yet unless you count washing the dishes. What a waste of space he is.

Still I get fed earlier by him. He was up and working at 7.30 this morning and the biscuit box was opened just after 8.00. It takes him forever to pack away my en suite, night-poo tray, second water fountain, change the blankets etc. He hasn’t a clue.

She was also up early but she went to some fun park as far as I can tell. So he works and she plays. I just supervise him. He has learned to respond to my bark pretty well. Its a sort of Pavlov’s Man experiment I am conducting. The difference is that I get the reward. Clearly I am smarter than he is but it will take him a while to catch on.

He sneaked out last night. Muttered something about needing to eat. I was not impressed. But he had been up since 5 am to drive the boss to the airport so I cut him a little slack. Tonight I hope he remembers that I like my supper at 8 pm, not 8.05pm. Standards must not drop. I also had to remind him that I get a 6 biscuit quota of Raw Boost before I turn in. I offered him one but he muttered something about me already having licked it. Picky, picky!!

Tomorrow I hope he is going to do something useful and include me. I get bored by his long conference calls. Yawn. If I try to ask him a question he puts the phone on mute and yells at me. All I want is to play for a while. All in all I have to say I shall be grateful when the boss gets back. Some semblance of order will return. I bet he runs around last minute cleaning the place and then pretending he has done it each day. What’s the reward for not ratting on him, I wonder? I’m sure I can show her where he has missed. I can lick all sorts of places he never goes.

Until she gets back I guess I shall have to soldier on. I don’t know. It’s a man’s life.



The eagle hasn’t landed

There were two White-bellied Sea Eagles circling over the house this morning. I was up at 5am to take Mrs. Ha to the airport and already working in my study by 8.30am. At 9.30am the pair was circling in front of the house and one was carrying a stick. Perhaps they had had words and it was an olive branch. But they breed between October and December so this may have been a gift from the male to the female on a hot date. Lucky girl. They were too close to get both in the same frame with an 800mm lens so here is Mr. WBSE with his offering.