Art for art’s sake

I tried for 30 mins to post via iPhone yesterday. Epic fail. We have been overdosing on culture now my sensor is clean again.

Here you see the wonderful light in the gallery corridor yesterday. Better perhaps than some of the art?I am developing quite a reputation on FB as an art critic. One insightful comment suggested Brian Sewell is under threat. I have also added the original painting of ET. And finally an extract of my FB comments. I remain without a laptop but I can wifi images from camera to phone. A poor second best but better than nothing. Off to Salamanca today. Hurrah.




Before it all went pear-shaped.

Mrs. Ha insisted on snapping me in action.

Not terribly flattering. Here I am again with my MacBook serving as an armrest. It’s no use for anything else now.

No joy today but an outside chance tomorrow. One thing we discovered today was that buying an X-T1 in Spain looks to be 25% more expensive thanks to tax. Poor Spaniards.


Apologies but the travelogue is on hold. My MacBook died yesterday (5 months old) and then I discovered a horrible mark on the Fuji sensor that makes photography impossible until I can remove it safely. The mark looks like an oil splash. It won’t blow off.

Worst timing possible but I can shoot with the X100s.

Normal service etc.