I took the new camera out for a walk today whilst Lulu was being pampered. I deliberately sought out shaded areas in the main. I wanted to test the high ISO capability compared to the Fuji. Well I think I can say with confidence that this camera is inferior in most if not all respects despite costing about 4x the Fuji. You definitely don’t get what you pay for. A few snaps from the walk:






What a shocker. And if this camera goes out at night it turns the world orange. It has the most bizarre white balance under artificial light. The shots are so bad I won’t post them. And don’t get me started on the ergonomics. I may grow to like it but I suspect it will get recycled quickly. Fortunately I have a buyer for the previous model that will offset 50% of the pain. What do I like better than the Fuji? Battery life.


Green Hopper

Where has today gone? I’m sure it was here and now it almost isn’t. I am behind with blog reading, comment answering and just about everything else.

We were out mothing to almost midnight. Fell into bed after 1am and I was up again at 6am. All I shall offer today is 3 quick souvenir snaps from around the moth trap.

Normal service etc. etc.

Green grasshopper

Green grasshopper



The Visitor (spider alert)

Yesterday I was home alone with a list of chores to do. During the tropical cyclone we had brought in the balcony furniture. The design of the house means that we have little option but to leave it all in the living room until the storms abate. It looks odd but you really don’t want heavy wooden furniture being blown against a plate-glass door. By afternoon the wind had dropped and the sun was spluttering back to life. A half-hearted effort perhaps but it was there nonetheless. So I flung wide the gates. And lo and behold something landed on my shoulder. It descended from on high and my first instinct was probably a gecko. I casually flicked it away and looked down to see that Gordon had landed safely. But Gordon it was not. Not unless he had transmorphed himself overnight into………….

Heteropodidae sp

Super-spider! About the size of a saucer if you include the super-model legs (although not many super-models would wear socks like that, I venture to assert). Saucer? Make that a side plate. We gazed not so lovingly at one another. He tried to run back inside. Mindful as always of Mrs. Ha’s likely reaction I cut off the retreat. Stalemate. He stopped. I shuffled slowly backwards and found a camera. He posed. I clicked. Friends again. We parted on good terms. If you want to know more about the Huntsman spider then wiki is there for you. Note that it is not especially dangerous to healthy humans. I probably don’t fit into that category but never mind. Huntsman was a fearsome looking beast but then so is Sean Lau and people seem to like him.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 09.12.21

His bio does not mention that he lives around the corner from us and occasionally walks past our house, gazing with interest at it. One of the contractors working here became so excited he embarrassed us by rushing out and asking for Sean’s autograph. He is a delightful man but often plays the tough guy.

And there we must leave the spider. Of course it bucketed down during the night so my decision to put the furniture back out was maybe premature. What is it like this morning? Well a bit like this.


A gauze of drizzle still masks the vista and speckles the camera lens. I cloned out as many as I could see.

As a post script, you may recall the splendid Panama hats I bought in Lisbon recently. Well I wore one into Hong Kong last week. My cardiologist told me I was dressed for boating or Phuket (pronounced Poo-ket) but not for HK. Some people lack style and panache. I suspect he felt a pang of envy that he didn’t have a titfer like mine. I shall wear the other one on Tuesday just to rub it in. And maybe if he wants to try it on I will let him……. with a Huntsman tucked inside as special treat. Happy Sunday.

(For the non-English speakers amongst you a titfer is a hat. Tit for tat – hat.)