Meet the Beatles

With birthdays coming up for Mrs.Ha and me, younger cost centre has painted a family portrait. Guess which Beatle is me.


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Just when you thought it was safe….

The birds are back…………

After a month or more of pain in my neck and shoulder I finally capitulated and went to the doctor. During that time I have not carried my birding kit at all. Very frustrating. The doc waved his magic wand, recited the magic words, Izzy Wizzy, Let’s get busy and with rather more success than Sooty, the tablets did the trick. I slept without pain and I can move freely again.

As a trial I set up the bazooka this afternoon and tried a few garden shots. And here they are. Both common birds but a welcome relief from total abstinence. It is the breeding season and the birds are keeping themselves in fine fettle just in case a certain little lady goes by. Oh me, oh my!!

CB preening CB1 RWB RWB1 And a lusty rendering of The Bulbul’s Chorus is a sure-fire magnet for any passing gal. Come into the garden, Maud!RWB2And of course you will have noted that I am now using LR5.4 to render these images, after finally abandoning LR4 before Adobe removes the right to buy LR5 on a stand alone basis.

I also picked up a new lens for my X-T1 today – a nice little portrait lens. And here is a test shot. Of course she doesn’t know I’ve posted this but hey ho, you only live once.

Shirley2 PortraitAnd that’s it for today. Work again tomorrow as I have to pay for the lens. Its a hard life.



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Barcelona photo gallery

I spent a good minute or so trying to come up with a snappy caption / title for this post. Failed. It must be the weather. Pouring down outside. My brain is rusting. I am turning into the tin man. Oil can please, Dorothy. So today we will follow the Barcelona brick road a little further and explore further what lies over the rainbow. Let’s start with some of the beautiful mosaics that decorate the water fountains – very Macau.Fountain mosaic Water FountainPlus a little metro art – did Stephenson’s “Rocket” make it to Barcelona?Metrotileart And then some architecture and the like:Windowsnflags Ball facade Guitar shop Port de Barcelona On the next one I was tempted to go in and ask if Rafa was at home.Farmacia NadalSome more urban art….. is that a Banksy in there?Hello Sailor Clothes Bobby rat

And we round off with some black and white, one of which may look familiar.Norton Fortunately for this poser the likeness was rather good and she did not end up looking like 007.Portrait painter Shadow and figure Walkersv2In an ideal world I would award medals for stamina to those of you who have stayed the distance. This being WP-land however there is no gong, just my heartfelt thanks.


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