All downhill from here

How to launch a new blog? I doubt if there is a rule book. I am sure there are thousands of people offering advice and guidelines. My approach is to launch right in.

Why did I give the blog the title I did? Its an age thing. Just this morning I heard dreadful news of a family friend’s untimely passing. He and his wife had been friends principally of my late parents since the late seventies. Now retired they decided on a round the world cruise as their last big holiday. They called in at Hong Kong and we spent a delightful day or so with them, showing them the usual sites. On they went to Manila and then to Bali. There, we learned today, he had a massive heart attack and was airlifted to Singapore. He died soon afterwards. He was 76. So, eleven years of retirement after probably 50 years of work.

A lot better than my dear old dad. He and David were workmates. Dad retired early at 63 and died at 65. Two years of rest after 5o of work. Somehow the balance does not seem right. So at 54 I can only conclude that it is all downhill from here.

2 thoughts on “All downhill from here

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I just thought today of looking back at the first post…and I was surprised. I had always assumed that “All downhill” was a description of your home in Hong Kong. From some of your photos, it looks like you live on a hill – is that true?

    • Hi Karolyn. Yes we do live on a very steep hill. We are about 65m above sea level, just below a hiking trail called the MacLehose Trail. It’s very scenic around here, very unlike HK Island for the most part.

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