The children of the revolution

Due to the underwhelming reaction to yesterday’s blog, here are a few more images from the uprising in Hong Kong including some handy tips for making your revolution a success.

The children of the revolution

They were lulled to sleep by the dulcet tones of Marc Bolan.

The Chef

Never start a revolution on an empty stomach.

Always have a guitar handy for those catchy protest songs.

When spreading the word about where to start, have a distinctive meeting spot – perhaps a colourful vase of flowers. Use a flag too in case greenfly destroy the roses.

T shirts are de rigeur

Make sure you have a be-sloganed T shirt attacking the establishment. It really annoys them.

Riot control

A large police presence adds street cred to your revolution. Three is normally considered the minimum.

Mop heads of the world unite

If it all starts to go wrong do have a mop handy to clear up afterwards. Are you really sure those eggs were fresh the chef used?

I hope you found this useful.


5 thoughts on “The children of the revolution

  1. Hi Andrew – really enjoyed this – the images and the captions that brought them alive:) I liked the first shot particularly when viewed from a street shooters perspective. I am glad you are back out there shooting and writing Andrew – you have an interesting view of the world.

  2. Thanks Kaushal. It was interesting to wander around at 7.30am and see how the group was getting on. All very peaceful so far and becoming a source of bemusement to most people and a tourist sight to others.

  3. Reblogged this on All downhill from here and commented:

    As Hong Kong approaches a fever pitch of indifference about universal suffrage I thought it might be useful to remind us all how the last revolution went here. It was along time ago. Way back in 2011. This was my Bluffers Guide to a successful revolution. Power to the people!

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