There’s not many people know that…..

But it seems to be the case. My viewing stats have soared and I can only conclude it is because I have posted more frequently recently. So here I go again.

Tomorrow I am off to Singapore and I shall pack at least one camera maybe two. I hope I can find a little time to escape the meeting schedule. Today however it was just a regular stroll around the town. The temperatures are still warm at about 26 C but the humidity is falling and now stands at only 75%. This makes the hill a lot easier down and back up. The elevation is not great. I believe it is about 63m but the climb is quite steep and I have a bad leg and an even worse foot. I just can’t shake off the pain. I guess it is a trapped nerve but it has bothered me for months. If the answer is rest then that is not likely to happen for a while.

Halloween is almost upon us. I am not sure why a beauty salon would choose to join in the fun. Perhaps the ladies (and possibly gentlemen) of Sai Kung like a jolly good hairdo to scare their partners on All Hallow’s Eve. My memory told me there was a book about ‘deathly hallows’ or something like that. I was convinced it was Ngaio Marsh. But like a good blogger I checked and was embarrassed to find it was an H. Potter novel. I always confused J K Rowling with J R Hartley but tut tut, Ngaio Marsh, really….. quite absurd.

Pumpkin pedicures?

I think Pumpkin Pedicures is a much swisher title.

Incense smokeI always walk past the Tin Hau temple as I leave the new and enter the old town. I love poking around in the little alleyways and shops. I always hope for a new angle on something. Today the temple urns were burning joss sticks and the smoke was drifting gently across the courtyard. I crouched down to eye-level despite the complaints from my knees and hamstrings and managed just one frame before the grumbling brought me to my senses.

One shop in the old town always seems to be full of cats. Most look very thin and I suspect they are adopted strays so timid are they. One puss however lords it over all the others and lies imperially along the counter. What a fine moggy.

Imperial cat

I used minimum DoF on this and just tried to get the eye’s sharp. You judge how good my eyesight is as this is manually focussed of course, the Leica being a rangefinder.

And finally, a local relaxing in the sun. Shoes off, trousers at half mast (thankfully from the ankles up) and head cushioned by his bag. The sun has obviously caught his cranium over the years but he seems perfectly at ease with himself.

And that’s your lot for the day.

I now embark on a momentous week – my last full-time week in permanent employment.

This is what Our Gracie sang 70 years ago:

Wish me luck, as you wave me goodbye.
Cheerio, here I go, on my way.

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.
With a cheer, not a tear, make it gay.

Give me a smile, I can keep for a while,
In my heart while I’m away.

Till we meet once again you and I,
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.

TTFN as Mrs. Mopp would say. Tata for now.


5 thoughts on “There’s not many people know that…..

  1. I love the shot of the cat, the shallow depth of focus works well and you seemed to be spot on with the focus


  2. Not only the cat – I also like the salon decoration. Nice shot.
    However the eyes of the cat is not 100% sharp or is my glasses but the shot is great and it dosn’t matter (is it captured through a window?).
    Have a nice trip.

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