Sing’ went the strings of my heart

For my final working week I could not resist packing a camera as I guessed I would have some downtime. Moreover 5 days in a hotel is suffocating and a free evening or two would mean I could sup the chlorinated air of a Singapore stroll. Sometimes sterile is good. Despite all my efforts I was unable to find an Occupy Singapore site. I did however find an unexpected downpour and ended up drenched. I was more concerned with keeping the camera dry than anything else.

My usual stroll was from the Mandarin Oriental across the bridge to the Marina Bay area. Lots of nice skylines and light displays to enjoy. People galore too, generally entirely self-absorbed and oblivious to the modesty of the M9.

This is a simple shot across to the Fullerton, hand held at 1/45s and at F1.4.

Night time skyline

And here looking back along the bridge….

Bridge over untroubled water

In common with many aspiring Asian cities Singapore has some amazing architecture and engineering and I love looking up at this structure.


The Dali exhibition is being held in a structure that looks like the lower half of a broken egg-shell. This is looking up at one of the segments. I confess to not having been lured inside.

Now I am always a bit of a people watcher and here are two that amused me. Firstly, who is watching whom?

The watchers

The girl is outside sheltering from the rain. I am inside the window drying out. The lads are walking past eyeing the girl and she seems to be locked on to them too. So who is the watcher and who is the watched?

And now an early morning shot at a smaller mall. Taken on a public holiday. Very few people around but someone has to hold the fort. I am familiar with Little John of Robin Hood fame but alas I am not on anything more than nodding terms with John Little.

Little John?

And finally for all you Prancing Horse fans, someone who is most definitely not Dionne Warwick.

Walk on by

I suspect the red beast is not really for sale but surely a glance would have been worthwhile at this environmental dragon breather. I did once sit in a formula one car in a workshop near Enstone, Oxfordshire. Getting in was one thing. Extracting my 1.90m frame was another. MG Midgets are bad enough. Quite put me off sports cars for life. Corks and bottles spring to mind. But they do look good.

My working week proper ended on Thursday. A day of farewells as I embarked on the final chapter. Retirement. The only thing that runs on the male side of our family is noses. Longevity is not the norm. But I intended to make the most of it. A great deal of thought had gone into my gifts. A 2 volume set of The Birds of New Guinea was especially appreciated. I intend to rest, write, read and take the occasional photograph at home and abroad. The blog goes on.


3 thoughts on “Sing’ went the strings of my heart

  1. Andrew, i love all the shots in today’s blog. I hope now that you have retired you will write more frequently as i enjoy each entry.


  2. Wonderful read Andrew! And some lovely images as well…I particularly liked The watchers. Retirement is not necessarily a bad thing. You can do all the things you enjoy at your own leisure and on your own terms! Look forward to more frequent blogs, more photographs and hopefully a trip to Mumbai:)

  3. So, thus begins the next chapter – Juanli and I wish you our very best wishes and hope you embrace the freedom with passion.

    We look forward to following your blog and images.

    I assume the downpour was torrential… 🙂

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