In which Andrew presses the delete button and Lulu joins the socialists

After two photographic excursions of a very different nature I concluded the whole lot could be trashed and the world would be no worse off. This is thoroughly dispiriting. The creative juices are not flowing. I walked for several hours yesterday in Wanchai and Central with the Fuji X100. I can’t seem to reproduce on the digital negative what I see in my mind. Using a fixed 35mm focal length the verticals on tall buildings start to converge, the extremes of contrast to which the eye adapts don’t work well on screen even after processing and generally none of the people pics strike a chord. To be honest most of the pictures don’t give me the sense they merit any significant time investment in processing. All I have to show is sore feet. And a propensity to delete.

Today was different. A walk around the Lion’s Nature Education Centre. I took the 300mm F2.8 on a 1D mk IV. I had ideas of what I wanted to capture. Some wonderful colourful clumps of bamboo, some tree bark and maybe some plants. None of which performed. The bamboo had lost its artistic appeal, the plants couldn’t be isolated against a good background and the tree bark didn’t produce the same structural intensity on a DNG as it did in my mind.

This was the best I came away with.

I guess it was destined to be a bad day when our angelic dog bit my wife and drew blood. Don’t worry, the dog is fine. (Sorry, old joke and it wasn’t funny at all). For some reason Lulu reacted badly to the idea of having her lead put on and did a passable impression of a Tasmanian Devil. We almost gave up the idea of taking her with us. However when she had calmed down we carried her into the car and as I drove to the park, my wife quietly put her lead on and Lulu didn’t so much as bat an eyelid. Whoever said ‘la donna e mobile’ was spot on, especially when it comes to Pomeranians. Perhaps it should be ‘la dogga e mobile’. I think she needs a behavioural psychiatrist. Maybe we should play her some soothing Bach as it is well known that a dog’s bach is worse than it’s bite-hoven.

I suspect the creative desert is down to a combination of self-imposed higher standards and plain old tiredness. Lulu’s tantrum  is probably down to her being a teenager asserting her desire to change the world. What shall we do about Lulu? If you ask me the best solution is to send her down to HSBC in Central to join the revolutionaries.

Golfers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your balls.

Had you forgotten them? Oh yes, still going. I shall sign Lulu up to Socialist Action tomorrow.

A far cry from my childhood when we all joined the Tufty Club. Power to the Poms!


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