Botanical mystery tour

Two images from today’s excursion:

Bamboo Grove

Yesterday I bemoaned that I couldn’t get the shot I wanted of the bamboo. Today I stepped back rather than concentrate on going in tight. So this was taken with my X1 and I was quite happy with the result. The shades of blue, green, yellow, brown and all blends in-between show quite well. I do have a close up of one of the bluer stems but this image has more radiance for me.

I did most of my shooting with my 180mm macro lens and this one pleased me modestly:

It would please me more if I knew what it is. I experimented with different focal lengths and positions to try to find the best background against which the plant would pop. This was F8 at 1/30s (tripod mounted), ISO 400. I love the colour in this and I hope it shows well on your monitors as mine is uncalibrated.

I also rescued this from yesterday’s frustrations:

Again, I have no idea what this is. I have 3 or 4 books on the flora of HK but couldn’t find it. The leaves are especially interesting. If anyone can help I’d appreciate it enormously.

Later in the day I had another mahjong lesson. Softly, softly, catchee monkey. In this case I think I am the monkey. I have now mastered the written chinese numbers from 1-9 and I am getting to grips with the winds. It doesn’t help that my teacher tells me that the South wind looks like a pregnant woman. I’m still struggling with that one. The mental processing is too slow and trying to get to grips with rules, strategy, scoring (which affects tactics) and the wider etiquette of the game is a lot when the game is so fast moving. Chess this is not.

I think I shall get my own back and make them all take up photography. I shall make them all use manual focus only, prime lenses, slow ASA film and no exposure meters. And they all have to photograph a pregnant woman looking like the South wind. After all, fair’s fair.


2 thoughts on “Botanical mystery tour

  1. Macro images have a very calming effect on me as a viewer and I’m sure more so on you as a photographer. Its good to know that in the concrete jungle of HK you can still find these little natural gems! The 180mm macro seems fab and the x1 seems quite impressive too. Good stuff Andrew.

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