Time for a rant

When things bug you they bug you aplenty.

My wife is having major problems with SmarTone, a local mobile phone company. They say they are invoking the terms of their contract. I think they are behaving disgracefully. We are now going to the Consumer Council in Hong Kong but I suspect this will be another patsy to local business and a paper tiger. They want her to pay HK$500 to upgrade her phone because they say she is breaking her existing contract – but she is entering into a new 2 year contract on the usual outrageous terms so there is a built in penalty to upgrade? Come on SmarTone? Get smart. Unhelpful, obstinate, patronizing, spineless – you take your pick. Oh and if you now cancel the upgrade you also get a HK$500 penalty. We are between a rock and a hard place. Caveat emptor. And steer clear of predatory companies.

Why do other people’s blogs tell me “You don’t own that identity” when I cite my WordPress ID when I clearly do?

Why can’t I log into Flickr because they also don’t recognize my ID / password?

Why does the Economist Online also suddenly say they have no record of me? I can log in via the main website but not through the App on my iPad.

Technology is great but when it goes wrong it goes wrong in the most frustrating way. My new iPhone, ironically from SmarTone, doesn’t seem to be able to retrieve the back up of all my photos and contacts from my old 3 version. Most of my apps have transferred ok but not all. I have trawled the net for answers and drawn a blank on anything that actually solves these problems. Clear your cache. Yup, done that. Reboot. Well I’d like to boot SmarTone ok. Buy new software that is ‘guaranteed’ to do what should be done automatically. Yeah, well I’m not minded to do that in a hurry.

So all in all I am in seriously pee’d off mood today. And I almost reached 50 hits on the blog yesterday – 48 to be precise. Thank you for all your visits.

I am going to be lazy today and post an old image. Maybe even a repost, I don’t recall. I hope you like it. Its one of my favourites.

Angkor Wat.



2 thoughts on “Time for a rant

  1. Thanks Kaushal. I actually desaturated what little colour was in the image and left only the saffron robe in its natural colour. I had to wait a while to get the otherwise empty setting. I have many images from our 4 days in Siem Reap and thoroughly recommend it for a trip. The people were just so friendly.

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