Back to basics

Just photos today. A few hours doing chores doesn’t mean the camera is idle. Here is a selection from today’s outing. As you will see I caught up with the children of the revolution.

The Empty Chair

Think Tank?

Whistle while you revolt?

The Red Revolution

Legless but 'armless


That’s all folks. 







3 thoughts on “Back to basics

  1. What an interesting and artistically strong group of images. As you may know, my father, pioneer landscape photographer Philip Hyde rarely photographed people and even more rarely street scenes. It is a very different type of photography that takes very different talents. You have done such a fine job here. This is the kind of photography that I like to do myself and mix in with my own nature photography. I particularly like your first and last image here.

  2. David, I am honoured by your visit and comments. I recently came across your father’s work via a fellow photography friend, Steve Gingold. This blog is my retirement project and I hope it will eventually find a style and theme of its own. At the moment it is in Allman Brothers territory, Ramblin’ Man. I admire landscape photographers both past and present but have never really tackled the genre. Your work and that of your late father should inspire me.

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