Picnic at Lizard Rock or a lizard’s guide to eating out.

First, catch  your lunch and find a nice warm spot.

Hmm. Katydid surprise for lunch today! Goody!

Then start to chew slowly, pausing to enjoy every mouthful.

Tastes good.

Do not try to bite off more than you can chew. Once you have started reassembly is not an option. There are no IKEA instructions.

When you reach the end, savour that last mouthful as you swallow.


Do not leave any rubbish behind you such as wings, legs or other unwanted parts of your lunch box. Please leave the park in the state you would wish to find it.

A Lizard Lunch Production starring Calotes versicolor as the lizard and a reluctant co-star, possibly a katydid or large green grasshopper. Shot and eaten on location at the Lion’s Nature Education Centre, Sai Kung.

Bonus shot:

Calotes versicolor

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