City visits

Sap saam eeuw……….

Well I am still learning mahjong but I haven’t yet hit this jackpot.

For someone who is supposed to be retired I am struggling to find any time to get out into the field. So many jobs to be done. Yesterday was a good distraction as we caught up with friends I had not seen for almost 12 years.  A curry lunch in The Dicken’s Bar was a rare treat. Back to Central today for another businessy sort of lunch. And all I really want to do is get out and photograph. So, as you see below, I grabbed a few shots in between chores. I apologize to those expecting birds and bugs type stuff.

A project (or two) is however beginning to take shape in my mind. I was told by several people that retirement cannot be without purpose. Falling into the trap of drifting aimlessly is the worst thing you can do. I had several ideas in my mind and feel quite smug that one has already commenced. I aim to follow Magnus Magnusson’s celebrated statement: I’ve started so I’ll finish.

A second project is not quite in the baking stage but I do at least have a sense of what the ingredients might be.

But to the photos. Hong Kong is nothing if not full of surprises. Is this, for example, how you see Mickey? I don’t think Walt had this in mind but someone did.

El Bandito

Time to go on a diet, Mr Mouse? And maybe quit smoking?

Hong Kong has a wide wealth gap. Embarrassingly so. Yet many people turn their hands to anything to make a dollar. Here, a shoe-shine boy, who may, with all due respect, be just a little past the ‘boy’ stage. But I admire people who will work hard for little if they can’t find an alternative source of income.

Shoe shine

If I had been wearing ‘proper’ shoes I would have paid him $30 for a shine. That’s about 4 dollars US.

How about pushing this lot uphill? Gritty enough for black and white, I felt.

He ain't heavy.....

But everyone needs a break sometime, even if  perched above a pile of crates.

Break time

But when I finally arrived home this is what greeted me.

Home again

What a great sky. There is no place like home and Sai Kung is a great refuge from the big city. I simply love it. I hope we can preserve it from “progress”.

This is a bit of a mish-mash but I hope any readers can find something of interest in here.

A bientôt!



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