I spent a couple of hours wandering with my camera today. First we went to the flower market, then to the bird market. I took very few pictures but here are a few.

Beating the lights

I watched this old lady pushing her cardboard collection along an extremely busy road and I was worried that she might be hit. She crossed the junction just as the lights changed. I guess she has done this a thousand times before. The cardboard is weighed and she receives a small amount of money to help her pay the bills. If the cardboard is wet it weighs more so sometimes the middle layers are damper than the outer ones.

Birdcage craftsman

This man was either making or repairing a birdcage. I used vignetting in LR3 to lead the attention more onto his hands and the cage and away from any distractions. I wanted to photograph him head on but a woman intervened and demanded HK$20 for one photo. I declined.

Watching the bird

These two men were actually listening to the songster in the cage rather than watching it. I never cease to be amazed that captive birds will still produce such heavenly songs in spite of their captivity. Perhaps they imagine if they sing well enough they will be released.

Sharp practice?

I love the way so much goes on on the pavements. Tiny work stations where people earn their living, day in day out. This man appeared to be sharpening something. He was outside an artists shop and had a bag full of bits and bobs. If anyone knows what he is doing please leave a comment.

However little time you have in Hong Kong there is always something to catch your eye. Mongkok retains a lot of the older traditions of HK and is well worth a wander but do look after your personal possessions. It is very crowded. Make sure it is only photographs that get taken not your wallet.


5 thoughts on “Mongkok

  1. Thanks for the link! The bird market is a great place to take photos. I find the street cobblers/knife-sharpeners/electrical repairers fascinating too and often try to photograph them. These are trades from a different era that still seem to survive in HK. I love the way HK stretches time like that, from retro to ultramodern all in one city.

  2. It is too bad you were to be charged for the cage repairman, but what you did manage is a pretty nice and interesting image as is the bird listeners.
    My wild guess for the last is sharpening a blade of some sort…actually more like polishing. Seeing all the trades on the street must be very educational as well as entertaining.

  3. Steve, Greg, thank you for visiting and commenting. Steve, yes I thought it was maybe a whet-stone too but I wasn’t sure. I hope they don’t disappear, these old tradesmen.

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