Mah jong, Ding Dong.

My education continues and I am slowly getting the hang of the general principles. One of the key lessons I am learning that is that is as important not to lose as it is to win! Patience is another. I may be somewhat challenged in that respect.

I thought I would try to be smart and buy a second mah jong set so we can alternate occasionally. My excursion today to Wing Cheong Hong Majong (101C Wellington Street, Central) was enjoyable. This shop has been around for 50 years. I chatted with the son of the founder, practiced my Cantonese a bit, and bought a traditional set for HK$400.

Mrs. Ha is not impressed however. The colour is not quite to her liking, the tiles are bigger than she likes and by extension therefore they are too heavy. They don’t slide around the table easily either. She also thinks I overpaid. But isn’t that what gweilos are for?

I on the other hand like them. I find them easier to handle, they make a much louder clacking noise as you ‘wash’ them, are easier to read and if nothing else they would be an excellent addition to the BBC Sound Effects workshop. Older British readers may recall the incredible creativity that went into shows like The Goons. I can just picture in my mind a noisy game of mahjong between, Major Denis Bloodnock, (Indian Army, rtd., Coward and bar),  Henry Crun, Minnie Bannister and Neddy Seagoon.

I am sure that somewhere above us at this very moment, The Dear Leader is having his own Goon Show moment, as it was the great Spike Milligan who asked for the words “I told you I was ill” to be inscribed on his tombstone. I don’t know what it is in Korean but perhaps Google Translate can help?

This is what is gives: 내가 아프다고 말했

Here is a photo of a professional game going on in the fruit market.

Serious business

The chap facing my camera looks as if he is about to start the Tchaikovsky piano concerto or maybe a few bars of Rachmaninov. Please no jokes about Chopin Liszts or Welsh concerti in A Flat Miner.

So it looks like we shall be back to the old set PDQ. Never mind, my hope that new tiles would mean new luck was a forlorn one and I was win-less in the round we played this afternoon. Perhaps Santa will bring me more good fortune over the holiday.

May I wish all (or should I say “any”) readers of this blog a very enjoyable Christmas and a happy 2012.

Andrew (& Lulu)





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