Not for the squeamish

Yesterday was overture time. 1812 viewings of the blog since I started. Most of those have come in the last 2 months so thank you, whoever you may be, for dropping by.

Today we had a relaxing day and of course the camera went along as we wandered around the streets of TST. Ostensibly we went to see the decorations but as it was broad daylight I smelled a rat. It is after all a prime shopping district! Fortunately it is also a prime photography area.

Here are a few shots from today. The first two are from a butcher’s stall in a market, run by some friendly Pakistanis and they of course are halal butchers. This is two takes off the same frame, processed very differently.

Halal mutton

Except for some minor cropping this is pretty much the full frame. Now here it is cropped and in B&W.

Butchery in B&W

Next a peek into the restaurant in the market. I didn’t go in as we had already eaten. This was taken at F0.95, 1/125, ISO 800 – M9 + Noctilux, again very modest cropping at the bottom but almost as shot. I focused on the SKOL box.

Into the restaurant

Finally, a B&W shot, just because I like it.

Giorgio's Bike

The PCCW box is really a tardis.

Let’s aim for 2,000 by Chinese New Year. Toodle pip.



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