As you Reap….. (now with bonus image added)

About 14 months ago we had a short break in Siem Reap in Cambodia, temple bashing. At one stage I did know the order in which we visited the temples but now they are just a blur and a lot of DNGs in my Lightroom catalogue. Occasionally I go back, review, delete a few and wonder, hmmm, I wonder what the would like if I processed it. Perhaps my PP skills have moved on in the last 14 months. Maybe not. And of course, Reap may not be pronounced Reep but Ray-app, which is what I heard at the airport. It could be one of those cunning foreign names designed to trip up unsuspecting aliens. Like Phuket, which before you get agitated is Poo-kett. So there.

To get to the point, as they used to say on Blue Peter, here’s one I made earlier.

Golden light

You can tell that the builders almost certainly didn’t have proper qualifications, no City & Guilds in brick-laying or window installation. Aha! But did they have C&G in 1200? I suspect not. But even so, fancy building a temple next to a tree like that. Any fool knows that the roots will play havoc with your foundations, madam. It is a bit like building Cologne Cathedral next to the main railway station. Bonkers. Fire the architect.

What I wanted to capture here was a sense of the scale, hence allowing an intruder to feature in the image, the wonderful way the natural and the man-made have intertwined over the centuries and of course the sensual light that bathes the site. Look at the rich chestnut glow of the tree boles left and right. I think this is the Ta Phrom temple, but I am not 100% sure.

Yet I also have a sense that the stone and timber should be well-suited to black and white. So I processed another shot in both colour and monochrome.

I have a marginal preference for the B&W frame but frankly I am  relaxed – both please me.

I would appreciate thoughts on the colour versus B&W debate and indeed any critique you wish to offer. We are here to learn, even at my age and I am happy to sow differently if I reap a better harvest.

As a bonus, here is another B&W frame, processed in LR / CS4 rather than in Silver Efex Pro. Can you tell the difference between Stork and butter?

Ta Phrom

11 thoughts on “As you Reap….. (now with bonus image added)

  1. These are good Andrew. I like both, the b&w and the color. I’d like it more if I could travel to see some of these fab places. Phuk (that’s pook to you) 😉

  2. fabulous pictures if only i could take pictures half as well i would be happy!, thank you for sharing this and though i love black and white in this instance i also appreciate the colour, not only is it such lovely colours but helps me feel as if i could be there, have a great day ^_^

  3. Reblogged this on kizzylee and commented:
    oh my this is brilliant turns out in response to my post i have a friend who has actually visited and has the most excellent pictures on his blog so reblogged for you all andrew and his visit and excellent pictures, enjoy-

  4. Some very nice shots here, well done. I personally prefer the b&w’s and I think b&w shows more detail. Although this temple is ancient compared to photography, b&w seems to better reflect the age.

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