Birds in the buff.

Now before you get too excited these are birds with feathers and they live on mudflats mainly. I went out for a day in the field and it was grey, cold and thoroughly bad for photography. Generally speaking good light improves the aesthetic appeal of a shot immensely. When I looked at the shots at home at the end of the day’s shooting I realised some of them looked more like monochrome images. And so, I took my RAW/DNG files and processed them in black and white. Perhaps I should have captioned this Birds in the RAW.

Here is my selection:

The Shoveler shake


You staring at me?


Stilts on Parade


Moving Waves and not a trace of Jan Akkerman


Come on punk, make my day

And all that in search of a Glaucous gull. Which is mainly white anyway. Happy monochrome days.


7 thoughts on “Birds in the buff.

  1. Nice! I particularly like the stilts and the duck on the “waves.” Sometimes you gotta make the best of a grey day–you did quite well, thinking outside the box to come up with something useful. Too many people would have packed up, not getting the desired shot, but there’s always a lesson out there…today’s is not to pack up.

  2. Thanks Greg. I didn’t take too many shots except for the record shots of the Glaucous gull, a good bird for HK, but I could see even when I was shooting that the light was creating some interesting effects on the water. I used mainly SIlver Efex Prov2 to process.

  3. Brilliant bird pictures as usual. The stilts one is particularly artistic. I agree with the previous commenter, however, it was nice to see the sun again today!

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