Macros – 4

Here are 2 very different images from my morning walk.

First a nice colourful bug, The Lantern Bug or Laternaria candelaria (was Fulgora candelaria), the Liberace of the bug world.

Laternaria candelaria

And then what I rather pompously call an Abstract Lichen. When I looked at this I thought it reminded me of the earth viewed from space so I dedicate this to John Glenn, who orbited the Earth in Friendship 7 when I was a small boy.

Lichens - Abstract

I am having enormous fun learning how to improve my macro shots. I feel my awareness is heightened when I venture out looking for the smallest subjects to inspire me.

Today I noticed also that there were more butterflies on the wing – not many but definitely more. The bug season is close! Sadly that also means more mozzies and they are a real nuisance here. So as the winter drawers off, the DEET rolls on.

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