Macanese Magic

Mrs. H and I decamped for a short break to Macau this week. It was not our first visit of course but I wanted to do some photography and she wanted a break. It is only an hour from HK on the ferry so of we jolly well went.

We stayed at the Banyan tree and stayed away from the casinos. When I have a little time I’ll write about where we did go but for now, here are some shots from the trip. I only took 1 camera, my Leica M9, and two lenses, the 50mm F0.95 Noctilux and the 35mm F1.4 (new) Summilux. See what you think. Most of the temple shots are taken in confined spaces so optimal framing is tough and in some cases such as in the second shot, I had little way of avoiding the ash-filled urn in the foreground. Colour temperature is also challenging in the shadows of the temple interiors but all shots are DNGs so I have adjusted the temperature where necessary to produce what I recall the colours to have been.

The Dish


Effigies guarding Kuan Yin


Half a Dragon Boat


Incense sticks in ash


Exercising in the park

This last image was taken in one of the many small exercise ‘playgrounds’ we saw and this lady was quite happy for me to photograph her in full flow. This is one of my favourites from the trip.

More to follow.

4 thoughts on “Macanese Magic

  1. Fantastic photographs, Andrew! I love the textures and colours on the wall in the last image and the first one of the little cups is beautiful. The colours the Leica produces are magic! I didn’t come back with many keepers from my very brief visit and haven’t had time to upload anything decent yet. I will be heading back there soon to explore some more, hopefully with a wide-angle lens for a few scenery shots.

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