The blind dog finds a bone

This picture was one where i did just about everything wrong and it turned out ok. I saw this attractive butterfly sitting on the glass pane that surrounds our roof terrace. I had run a light for moths the night before and was putting it away so my camera was luckily at hand. It was set in manual mode and for flash but I just switched it on and took what I hoped would get me a record shot before I took some ‘nice ones’. I took it and then started to fiddle with the camera settings and as I moved closer the butterfly flew off. I was left with one slightly over-exposed image with a black background and a very unnatural result. Yet somehow I like how it turned out. This is one of the 2 Choaspes species in Hong Kong, either C. benjaminii (Indian awl king) or C. hemixanthus (Orange red skirt). My fieldguide says they are not separable in the field in adult form although the larvae are different. They are both common.

So, woof woof, the blind dog found a bone 🙂

Choaspes sp.


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