Ten minutes with the X100

This afternoon I was despatched from HQ to buy bread and milk as rations were running low. Quite how it happened I am not sure but not one but two cameras found their way into my shopping bag / back pack. After buying the bread I got lost and ended up on the pier. Coincidentally there were lots of kites flying so I gave the new camera a whirl with my “toy” 400mm F5.6 lens. And then, after an hour or so of trying to work out where I had gone wrong between the bakery and the supermarket, I discovered the Fuji X100 tucked away in the bag too. So I walked slowly back to the town and in the ten minutes it took me to reach the rather in appropriately named Wellcome supermarket I took two images that I rather like.

The light in the harbour

As you exit the pier you are walking almost towards the setting sun and much is silhouetted. And then, as you leave the pier and glance back towards the harbour, the sun is over your shoulder and you get a rather pleasing soft light. The fun in the second image is the juxtaposition of the monk (an unusual sight in Sai Kung) and the Citibank umbrellas. I called this God & Mammon.

God & Mammon

Forgive the diversion from the close up journey but man cannot live by macro alone.

2 thoughts on “Ten minutes with the X100

  1. Two excellent shots, I particularly like the Light on the Harbour. The X100 looks great, nicely saturated colours.

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