The eye – 1984 and all that

I was walking through the local reserve this morning looking for just about anything that took my fancy – dragonflies, bugs, larvae, flora, fungi …… even maybe a bird. I don’t know why but suddenly I had a feeling I was being watched. I stopped and looked around. Nobody to be seen. The great unwashed never venture this far from the main reserve – it must be all of an extra 5 minutes walk. Too far from the refreshments I suspect. But still the feeling would not go away.

And then, I noticed a tiny movement and I spun round to look at a hollow bamboo……. I had found my stalker.

The Eye

I waited 20 minutes for more to emerge but then I blinked and moved on. He had out-stared me. It’s shocking that in today’s society you can’t go anywhere without being under observation. 1984 has arrived and the lizards are in charge. You have been warned.

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