The Card Players

A combination of torrential rain and an unexpected need to prepare for work next week has meant nothing fresh to post.

In an effort to remind people that I am still here I went back to what I was shooting 12 months ago this week and here are two interesting (I hope) shots.

Card school

This is a crop from an image taken with my Summicron  35mm F2 lens and was originally a colour frame. I have not done many conversions with LR4 yet and this was one of my first. It has a certain pathos to it I believe without being exaggerated.

This is the second:

Above eye level

This is just a street in Kowloon with some old buildings but I was playing with the manual lens correction section of the LR4 development module. I had never explored this before but essentially  it gives you some fairly powerful tools to alter the perspective of a shot. You can add or subtract distortion, critically and as I have tried to do here, you can change the vertical and horizontal perspective and a few other things. It was a quick way to try to eliminate the perspective distortion of shooting upwards at close range (across the street) with a medium wide-angle lens. It is not perfect but it is considerably better than the starting point. As the changes also constrain the frame of the image you need a fair amount of room around the core subject to allow it to be adjusted and still remain within the frame. This is something I need to bear in mind when trying this in the future.

I am off to Singapore for a short work stint next week. I’m doing some training and coaching. I thoroughly enjoy this but with only short notice the preparation was quite intensive, devising case studies and role-playing scenarios that met the needs of the organisation. No time for photography, I fear but maybe the weather will be kind when I return.

2 thoughts on “The Card Players

  1. Can’t keep you away from work Andrew!

    The first image is right up my alley, a candid capture of a life moment. And the second image, if it didn’t have a signboard in Chinese, would easily have been mistaken to be in India!

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