Nature pure and simple

Well I don’t know about you but I didn’t rate the old soft focus lark so its back to ‘proper’ photography today. After days of stair-rod rain I went out this morning wondering if the clouds would burst again and drench my enthusiasm. I was fortunate to have 4 hours at the Lions Centre with no more than a few spits of drizzle. Here are the highlights:

Polypedates megacephalus or Brown Tree Frog

I pointed this chap out to a teacher, who had his group in tow. I was pleasantly surprised when he immediately showed interest – lucky kids!! I explained that it was a tree frog and he in turn said they should be much smaller. He had done his homework (ha ha) and knew the rare Romer’s Tree Frog is found at the reserve but they are tiny, nocturnal and rarely seen. He brought the children over and I showed them the images on my LCD screen. Quite made my day. The catch light is from a flash I used with a diffuser – very low power.

In the same area I saw a dragonfly having lunch.

Orthetrum pruinosum neglectum

Dragonflies are right little carnivores and gobble up the mozzies. Sadly not all of them as I was bitten many times today. I am lucky that I react benignly but my poor wife suffers really badly if bitten. She went shopping to be on the safe side.

Of course not all odonata had their minds on lunch.

This looks a  bit bright to me but it  is a pair of Orange-tailed sprites dancing the fandango. Or something like that. And some just like showing off their aeronautical skills.

Pseudothemis zonata

Pseudothemis zonata

I did not neglect the flora either.

Gardenia jasminoides

Fungi awaiting ID

And finally, as it is clearly Spring, another couple looking alarmed. Oh no, we’ve been spotted!!

Oxya chinensis - Rice grasshopper

No Condaleezza jokes….. PLEASE.

So that was it – I did get soaked, but only from the humidity. And all in a good cause. All feedback appreciated.

11 thoughts on “Nature pure and simple

      • thank you for brightening my day today. im so glad I decided to finally drop by for a visit. been having such a hard past month and haven’t been visiting much, its about time i start again.. : )

  1. I love the first of the two flying dragonfly shots. I think it’s the flat, neutral background, makes it look a little surreal.

    • Hi Kaushal. I watch the flight path, erratic as it seems they generally have some sort of flight pattern, then I pre focused on the chosen area, used centre point focusing with all peripheral points activated and then just hoped for the best. I also used speed priority not aperture priority to freeze the motion.

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