From the ridiculous to the sublime

Well I managed a trip out again this morning and decided to visit a deserted village under threat of redevelopment. Wong Chuk Yeung is effectively derelict but of enormous appeal to developers. The land has all but been returned to the wild. It is understandable and fair enough that the owners of the land should be compensated at market value but it would be a crying shame to redevelop this area. It is at the very end of a single track road (with occasional passing places) so heaven knows how any construction vehicles would ever get to and from the site. Actually I do know – with huge disruption and the widening of the road, taking away yet more of the dwindling Hong Kong greenery.

I was looking for the usual and hopefully not so usual suspects. Overhead Crested serpent eagles were wailing. In the undergrowth the frogs were honking. And after a short search I found my old friend the Brown tree frog in a drain, dancing the fandango with (presumably) Mrs. BTF.

Polypedates megacephalus

The site could not have been less hospitable for photography and so the image quality is not of the best. No flash was used – the light is natural and illustrates the wonders of the modern photographer’s digital processing lab.

Mrs BTF seems to have rather a lot of avoirdupois, whilst Mr. BTF is exhibiting the X mark on his dorsum. What a plucky little fellow he is.

A rather prickly character was this one:

Kaniska canace

I believe this a 5th instar larva of the Blue admiral butterfly and what a splendid specimen it is. There were lots of imago flying but I don’t have a picture good enough to show you. I’m working on that.

The butterfly I did photograph as an imago is this one:

Prioneris thestylis

This is the Spotted sawtooth and I don’t recall having seen it before. I think this is a male in wet season form. Long as I waited I could not get the chap to settle with wings open but a wonderful sight it is. Again, I shall persevere.

Finally another ‘ode’.

Trithemis sp.

This is a female Trithemis and I’m still working out whether it is T. festiva or T. aurora. I know which my money is on but why should I make a fool of myself in front of you?

That is all for today. I had a short outing as I forgot to take water with me and the temperatures are now up to 30C+ and the humidity is very high. Don’t miss Andrew’s next thrill-packed installment of “It’s all downhill here…”


8 thoughts on “From the ridiculous to the sublime

  1. Andrew, i love all the shots today, i prefer them to your fill flash shots in previous blogs

    • Thanks Bob, that’s useful feedback. I shall try to be selective with the fill flash. I’m still at the bottom of a very steep learning curve.

  2. wonderful images, i enjoyed them all very much. that is really something to see with the frogs, thanks for this delightful post.. : )

  3. Great foundings!
    Would like to know if the Prioneris thestylis (Little butterfly) is taken in Fo Tan Wong Chuk Yeung Village?

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