Now we’re a couple of swells………

Just a couple of quick pics today………

The first one is the the rather boringly named ‘Blue Spotted Tiger Beetle’ or Cicindela aurulenta to his mates. A boring name but this one is a real dandy. Common if not abundant but tough to get it to sit still and close to the camera. Maybe this one was still sleeping off a late night in a smoky jazz club.

Cicindela aurulenta

And a different sort of swell……….. a cicada trying to make a break for it and seemingly not doing very well:


Neither of these was taken in good light and when you look at the full frame they lack that edge of critical sharpness. I took some shots of the cicada with the flash, set at -2 , but although they were sharp they looked so unnatural I binned them.

Now this one just about passed my sharpness test. I know I said a couple but if you don’t check my Flickr page (or FB ) you won’t see this and its probably the only one today genuinely worth keeping.

A freshly eclosed Blue Admiral, Kaniska canace

Thanks as usual for dropping by. If you didn’t I’d be doing this for an audience of one.

5 thoughts on “Now we’re a couple of swells………

  1. Well those first two may not be critically sharp, but they’re quite lovely. Macro work is something I’ve never quite gotten into, but you seem to have it nailed. Really lovely work, Andrew!

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