A splash of colour

Due to circumstances beyond my control the “All Downhill Broadcasting Corporation” is showing repeats. Please do not adjust your set.

Now, although these are of a 2010 vintage  I don’t think I’ve blogged them before. I was going through an old hard drive to see what rubbish I was churning out then and I came across a few little gems that I felt might be worth sharing. They are jewels of a lepidopterous ilk. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a face like this? The butterfly is called Red Helen in the vernacular. Now when I was a lad, I recall a rabid trade union leader called Red Robbo, who sole aim in life as it appeared to a bemused teenager was to bring down the government. I think he was a shop steward at British Leyland. I have no idea whether Red Helen and Red Robbo are related but I suspect not. Red Helen is probably one of the far left Greek politicians trying to sink a thousand economies.

Papilio helenus helenus

Not far behind Red Helen in the “isn’t she gorgeous stakes” are these two moths. Now just to be clear, I don’t kill and pin moths so anybody who is pro-life can look at these with a clear conscience. They are merely encouraged to pose sweetly and then they are released to do whatever it is moths do when they hit the town.

Plutodes flavescens

Isn’t that a real cracker? Look at the little wiggles in the brown blobs. You can tell I’m not into scientific terminology. The lines are probably fascia or something posh like that. But whatever you call the artwork, it is a damned sight better than Pablo ever produced in my humble opinion. But there again, Casals was probably a lousy painter and Picasso a useless cellist. Unless of course it was Rosie Casals. She and Little Miss Moffat were pretty good in their day. Indeed Billie Jean was so good Michael Jackson even wrote a song about her before he took up sprinting.

And finally, the Tango moth.

Argina argus

Truly magnificent. They should make this an honorary butterfly.

I’m afraid to say that I have just scratched the surface of the old hard drive so there may be more to come.

You have been warned.



4 thoughts on “A splash of colour

  1. Rosie Casals… great artist with the racquet…. “Peaches” Barkovitch my fave name from that era.

    Don’t apologize for old pics, I’ve just posted one from 1978 !

    • i remember Peaches. 1960 somethingI think. Then The Stragglers wrote a punkish song about her. I’ve seen your 1978 (9?) picture. Very blue. It’ll soon be Wimbledon again but we’ve got the Frenchies first.

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