Walking the woodland trail

The last couple of days have seen much improved weather. The temperatures are not yet over 30C, there is a light breeze and we have sunshine that is not so harsh as to ruin the photography. I have walked the trail at Pak Tam Chung twice and made the mistake today of standing still too long in one place. After 15 minutes or so of trying to get a gecko in half decent light (failed) I started to feel a slight stinging sensation. I looked down and my trousers and pack were covered in red ants and I suspect I had a few in my shirt too. Not fun. Here is the aforementioned gecko:

Gecko chinensis

This is the Chinese or Forest gecko rather than the house variety that scuttle around the urban dwellings. I have lifted the brightness slightly to allow the patterns to be more visible.

Yet another snake this morning. Unidentified but if I had to punt I’d go for one of the common water snakes.

The plants I wrestled with yesterday were sadly over already so no second chance. I took this as a consolation:

I don’t know what it is but I shall try to find out.

And of course it is butterfly time. I posted a picture recently of a rather spiny caterpillar. Although the coloration is slightly different I suspect this is the same species, Kaniska canace or the Blue Admiral.

Kanisca canace larva

It reminded me of Nancy Sinatra…….. These boots were made for walkin’…………

Pretty smart thing isn’t it. The only real challenge with this was trying not to blow the whites of the spines and sharp eyes will notice that I have had to desaturate them slightly.

And finally, at last a Skipper I can identify with confidence as Indian Palm Bob. I know that because my butterfly bible (Bascombe, Bascombe & Johnston) says it is the only hesp in HK with black spots on the hindwing underside.

Suastus gremius gremius

Here the vernacular is definitely easier to remember than the scientific name. And there you have it. The lowlights of todays walk – no highlights I’m afraid. As I didn’t blog yesterday’s walk I’ll add a few of those for free:

Trithemis aurora – Female





Acalolepta permutans


And that’s your lot for today.  TTFN.

2 thoughts on “Walking the woodland trail

  1. Fab! Nature just blows my mind – the camouflaged gecko is awesome. Hope to be in HK around the 25th. Staying in Central…will call once there. Hope to catch up soon Andrew.

    • Thanks Kaushal and I hope to see you soon. The Mandarin is nice if you stay in Central but the old one not the new one 😉

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