L is for Lotus

Today I was happy that I had finally taken delivery of my new tripod ballhead as my old Arca Swiss had pretty much locked solid. The new pretender is the Really Right Stuff BH55 and it was indeed really right. Smooth as silk and a joy to use. I ventured only as far as the by now familiar to regular readers Lions Nature Education Centre but it gave the 55 a decent work out.

The star attraction at this time of year is the lotus pond. With only my macro lens available I was struggling to isolate anything much and the lotus plants are not yet dense enough to allow me to present a lotus-scape. I did manage to find one bloom within reach. This image has Mrs. H’s seal of approval but I’m not quite convinced.


To be honest I am always a bit more of an insect chap and this damselfly played a blinder, sitting still for several minutes whilst I experimented with different settings and angles. This is my favourite.

Copera ciliata

But if a plant begs to be photographed, who am I to say no?

Eichhornia crassipes

What a gem of a Water hyacinth.

Whilst at the lotus pond I spotted this Russet percher. It had potential and it was sharp but I don’t like the way the foreground is dominated by the wings. That is however how they perch and I could not get any other angle as it was behind a fence. So this is what I ended up with:

Neurothemis fulvia

And finally a butterfly.

Lethe europa

This is the Bamboo tree brown and strangely it was near a bamboo clump. Clearly well-trained. Sadly the ants were not so well-trained and for the second time this week I found I was being used as a climbing frame by the local red ant population. They even had the temerity to venture up the inside of my trouser leg. No matter that I didn’t feel any bites I was keen to rid myself of the risk factor and sharp eyes would have seen an odd performance of the twist taking place. Once satisfied that the Anthill Mob had retreated I decided that I needed a break and sat down to quench my thirst. And then the phone summoned me home. Not the most productive morning but I shall be back for another go next week, if I’m spared.

Have a good weekend everybody.

8 thoughts on “L is for Lotus

  1. I had to look up the meaning of “play a blinder,” an expression that’s opaque to speakers of American English. On the photo front, I’m pleased to find a blog with such clear images of nature: good for you. As for water hyacinths, they’re native to South America but have spread to many places: we have have them here in Texas, too, half-way around the world from you. In the southern Unites States they’ve clogged waterways that governments have spent millions of dollars to unclog, to the point that Texas has made it illegal to possess them. The flowers know nothing of that, of course, and insist on being gorgeous wherever they grow. Too bad they’re so invasive.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. Another lovely collection Andrew. Especially love the fulvia…incredible colour! My trip to HK has been postponed…will let you know the new dates once confirmed.

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