Disappearing act

Just as our natural history is under threat so is the heritage of our towns and villages. At least in our ‘old town’ the survival rate is better. Recently however it is noticeable that more and more buildings are being renovated and improved. From a strictly functional point of view that is undoubtedly a good thing but the character of the area is starting to be squeezed out. Hopefully the facades will be preserved at the very least. Nobody begrudges the owners decent plumbing, electrics etc. I document what we have today and maybe one day these images will have some historical value as people look at them and perhaps say, I remember that street – didn’t there used to be a greengrocer shop there?

I shot this with a 35mm prime on a full frame sensor. The people on the edge doubtless did not realize they were in the shot but I hope they would not mind.


Old Sai Kung


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