Kunugia divaricata

Now of course you all know that this is a Lasiocampidae moth. The larvae are out and about in Sai Kung at present. Here are three images of this attractive chap from my morning outing.

Kunugia divaricata

Note that the ‘business end’ is at the bottom of this picture.

And here it is waving its head at me as it sprints across and up the tree trunk.

Kunugia divaricata

And a close up of the scary end:

Kunugia divaricata

I don’t know whether the hairs on the caterpillar are major irritants but my guess is that it is better not to experiment.

This butterfly on the other hand is perfectly harmless and rather easy on the eye

Discophora sondaica

Judging by its latin name I guess you could catch Saturday Night Fever from it.

And finally, a plant. No idea what it is but perhaps a botanist out there will help me.

That’s all folks.


2 thoughts on “Kunugia divaricata

  1. Hi Andrew unfortunately I will have to wait before i can accompany you on one of your photo excursions since we had to cancel our trip to HK. Not sure when we will make it there next but hopefully in the near future.

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