On the shelf

They say you can tell a lot about people by looking at their book and records. Perhaps I should replace ‘records’ with ‘music collection’. Probably not too much vinyl sitting around these days.

Here is a random selection of my books – the 10th from the left on 9 shelves. What does it say about me, I wonder. Maybe I shall do records next.

If you don’t know Satyajit Das, he is much better known in the world of arcane financial instruments. He has written several best-sellers, the most famous being Traders, Guns & Money and countless academic and analytical papers. He is a wonderfully entertaining speaker if you like your humour black and cutting (which I do).

I met him a few years back and discovered he too has a passion for birds and natural history and he had written, with his partner Jade,  In Search of the Pangolin. I thoroughly recommend this. Very humorous and perceptive.


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