Music maestro, please

After books and birds I give you music. Music from my shelves. I suppose after books I should have some music my Bux-tehude but I don’t. I think that’s what Mozart would have called Ein musikalischer Spaß.

I picked 12, almost at random (not quite) and split them into sixes as otherwise the images were too small. Here they are.

The first is just the sounds of the rainforest. I think I bought this in Australia and it reminds me of the shock I felt encountering such habitat after growing up in England. Wonderful.

I have many Pink Floyd albums but Relics was an early one and for some reason cheaper than most LPs at the time. It reminds me of growing up in the early 70s and having to eke out the money, shilling by shilling (until decimalization came along in February 1971 when it was ‘new pence’).

Duane Allman I came to know through a contemporary at my 6th Form College.  This is simply a great collection of music from a wide range of artists but with each track featuring Allman in some capacity. He died young.

Clapton is God, so the graffiti say. Well maybe even Eric would balk at that but my wife and I went to see him play in Hong Kong last year and he still wipes the floor with most if not all guitarists. His voice is well, different, but I can listen to him play all day. My mobile phone ring tone used to be Layla!

The Beatles. Defined my generation. Enough said.

Bach – well I grew up in a household where classical music was the norm – my father was a good pianist in his day. These are some Cantata and very fine they are too.

Mahler’s 5th. Hmmmm. Death in Venice. I studied German at university and it included a module on German culture. Our lecturer introduced us to music through films, including Bergman’s Zauberfloete and Visconti’s Death in Venice. In both the music overwhelmed me and I used to play the Queen of the Night’s aria over and over again.

Anne-Sophie Mutter……… a genius, playing on this CD (with Karajan) some of the most inspirational music ever written.

John Fogerty. Whether with Creedence Clearwater Revival  or solo, I love to hear him let rip.

Schuetz & Praetorius remind me of listening to music in Winchester Cathedral decades ago. Happy times.

Gregorio Allegri. The first classical LP I owned was given to me as a young child by a family friend, Tom Evans. As I grew older I was allowed to call him Tom, he and his wife became good friends and indeed he gave me my first Saturday job in the shop he managed. The LP he gave me was the choir of King’s Cambridge singing a variety of pieces including the Allegri Miserere. It requires the chorister to hit a C two octaves above Middle C. Not as high as the Queen of the Night’s ‘F’ but it certainly gives me goosebumps each time I hear it.

And finally some Schubert – the impromptus. This is my car music. When I get stuck in traffic and my blood pressure is rising, on goes the Schubert. It also reminds me of my father playing the piano. It always makes me feel good.

Alas I have no ethnic music as such. No recordings of the crowds at the Millennium Stadium or Cardiff Arms Park. They are just in my head.

So there we have it a quick insight into the history of my music.

2 thoughts on “Music maestro, please

  1. Hi Andrew. After the books and the music and your obvious attachment to nature, I feel like i know you a bit better – cultured and intelligent with a slick writing talent 🙂

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