Here comes the rain again

Our weather is pretty poor for wildlife photography at present. There are dry interludes but I am not minded to venture far knowing that at any moment the heavens may open and I, and more importantly my gear, will be soaked. Furthermore I am going through something of a crisis of confidence at present. Whilst I have taken some ok images recently I can’t point to anything that says to me I am really making much headway. The balance is still tipped firmly towards the technical with little at the creative or aesthetic end of the spectrum. I have contemplated quite seriously giving up on my nature shots. Partly with this in mind I have been out a couple of times with my wife on shopping trips. Whilst she shops, I wander round the back streets, never more than 5 minutes from cover, taking pictures in the wet market. Here are a few of my shots and as you will see I continue to favour black and white over colour.

Whet whet whet


The Vendor


The Tattoo

I apologise to the lady in this image above. It is not flattering but I liked the reaction of the two passers-by and the tattoos are striking. I hope she would not be offended.

The tomato man


Winding down




The final image is of a lady beating an effigy with a shoe. The customers pay her to ‘put a curse’ on someone and the beating is part of the ritual. My wife tells me it used to cost HK$60 but I can’t vouch for whether or not inflation has caught up with the black arts in the same way that it has with the pak choi.

Beating out the curse

This last shot was taken at ISO 1600 with the M9 and shows clearly its limitations. To be fair it is also a crop. I could have done much better with the Canon 5D3 but the M9 is almost invisible by comparison. It is simply a trade-off.

You will notice that one colour image crept in. Well the hair didn’t stand out well in monochrome and although I would have preferred to see more of the gentleman’s face don’t you just love the bokeh from the 90mm Summi at F2?

So the question now is do I go back and try again for better bug shots or back to black and white ‘street photography’. Please, no arguments about what constitutes street photography. All the sanctimonious claptrap about is it candid, is it street or is it documentary interests me not one iota. People must be just too sad if they have to argue this issue. It is photography!


17 thoughts on “Here comes the rain again

  1. Nothing personal but I’m not much of a “nature” type per se. Now your people shots I really enjoy. The examples in this blog are fine examples, and they don’t need to be deemed “street”. Call them “nature” shots and who could quibble?

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