Back to the bug-shots

After some enforced street I felt my faithful bug-gers would be getting a tad impatient. Today’s forecast was if anything worse than the last few days but the temperature dropped below 30C and there was a decent prospect of some gaps between showers. So off I toddled to the LNEC. Suffice it to say I ended up drenched but all in a good cause and I was right. There were gaps suitable for photography. The heavy cloud made the light quite conducive to the bug images, dampening down what would otherwise be the higher contrast of late morning sun.

First up, a paper wasp. I am trying to find out the species but I think the genus is Polistes. It was so engrossed in munching on its brunch it completely ignored me. I hand-held the camera here because I could not get the tripod close enough.

Polistes sp


Wasp snack


Whatever it is eating it did not have a happy end.

Now a damselfly I have photographed many times but this was a rare shot where I could get close with the tripod. It is an Orange-tailed sprite. Common as muck.

Ceriagrion auranticum ryukyuanum

With a genus like Ceriagrion it damned well ought to be Welsh.

And a butterfly obliged me by staying put long enough to get close.



I believe this is  Chilades pandava, Plains cupid. Depending on which book I look in, it is either RARE or Widely distributed. Ho hum.

And that’s it for today. May the bugs be with you.

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