Russet percher

One dragonfly today – Neurothemis fulvia, the Russet Percher.

These are quite skittish but by kneeling on the boardwalk for 20 minutes and keeping quite still this dragonfly continued to return to the same perch in between fending off intruders.

Neurothemis fulvia

These get quite scruffy and this one was in reasonably good shape. They don’t look as good when  the wing colouring has faded. I used fill flash to bring out the colours.

My second shot is another view of the LNEC with the back drop of the hills behind. I was testing my new 70-200mm F4 IS lens today and this was one of my efforts. The only minor issue is that is it has no tripod collar but it is so light that it can be mounted on the camera body, itself attached to the ball-head and it does not seem in the least front heavy or unstable.


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