The dog days of summer in Sai Kung

Well after cats we have to have dogs. And here they are on the prom this afternoon, tiddly pom.

First up, the dog, for whom it may have been said: Mirror, mirror on the wall……

But when the bulldog looks in the mirror maybe he sees one of these………

As someone who is owned by a Pom, I have to say: ahhhhh!

And here we have the family gathering, posing for a picture:

And to wrap up, why do they all come down here to the prom? Because on the other side of the wall is the beach.

Now you will notice its a bit sparsely populated today. Could the shark alert have anything to do with it? I have no idea but with all the shark’s fin soup drunk around the place I’m all for the overgrown dog-fish getting one back.

And on the happy note I shall close.

3 thoughts on “The dog days of summer in Sai Kung

    • John, you are right. The reports this morning are indeed of a whale shark. So -the Hammerhead-Great White man-eating Loch Ness Shark Monster was a false alarm.

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