Taking the plunge

I admitted in my last post that I was trying to improve my photography and in particular the processing side. As my “coach” is on CS6 and I was two light years behind on CS4 I decided to take the plunge and upgraded yesterday evening. An upgrade is expensive. Buying new is shockingly expensive. I wonder how many hobbyists can afford to splash out quite so much for this software. And Adobe certainly won’t win any awards for service quality.

I am now trying to work out exactly what CS6 will do that CS4 would not. There are already some nifty additions I have discovered. Note however that discovery does not equal understanding. A period of intense study is called for.

I have also been doing my homework and practicing using selection tools to do selective adjustments. Now I had a way of doing this before but never felt comfortable with it. The “new” method is still challenging me as I try to work out how much radius adjustment and feathering I need. I am on my way, however, to harmonious tonality. Yippee.

That said, I was distracted today by the temptation to slip into something black and white and it wasn’t John Boulter, the old Minstrel in the Gallery. Here it is:


Parts of Hong Kong have been having freakish weather over the last few days. The Observatory has noted temperatures over 37C and one chum has recorded over 40C.

In addition, late yesterday afternoon, a stifling hot day, we noticed the horizon was turning decidedly black. It was quite hard to see because the air was so polluted that visibility was down to a couple of KMs. But black it most definitely was. The wind went from a gentle breeze to something much more aggressive, gusting hard. In a few moments we were outside, tying down anything that might get blown away, plants, garden furniture, dog……

And the rain came down. Buckets of it. The fire hose was turned full on. The man upstairs started banging the pots and pans and throwing fire crackers at us. Only the dog was unperturbed. The son et lumiere lasted only 45 minutes or so and as rapidly as it sneaked up on us, it slipped away leaving the horizon glowing in soft, velvet light. Some places were lucky enough to have very fine rainbows. We were not.

We still have no terrestrial TV reception but that is no great loss. If we must we can watch the broadband channels. The interweb thingy still works. The furniture is still in the garden and the dog is still calm.

Enough excitement for this weekend. I’m off to bury my head in a book on CS6. Toodle pip. Oh, and if you do remember John Boulter then you have my sympathy.

4 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. I only use CS2 – but I’d be quite content using Elements – I use CS2 ’cause I got it cheap when I did my college course (student discount).
    I would suggest that your selection is too hard and there are areas that appear too flat (contrast) to be natural – almost posterised – particularly on the left hand side.

  2. Nice image and another wonderful piece of writing Andrew:) Would love to know if you finally think the upgrade was worth it and exactly what features you were sold on. I have been using CS4 for ages now and cannot find a reason to upgrade as i use are the levels, curves, dodge/burn and sharpen tools for the most part.

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