Dragonfly re-run.

As a man of his word I went out again today to play hunt the dragonfly.

Sadly I was distracted and ended up with a few other images along the way.

Here is one I called “The bee’s knees”:

The bee’s knees

This was lucky as I was waiting for a butterfly. Luckily the butterfly did appear in due course:

Catopsilia pomona – Lemon emigrant

I also found this rather neat little plant hopper:

Lawana imitata

Someone said the plant hopper looks like a cycle helmet, a tribute to Sir Chris Hoy perhaps.

I also shot a couple of flowers:

Torenia founieri


The buds of August

But eventually – drum roll – I was back at the dragonfly bridge. And it was still there. Here is today’s effort:

Lyriothemis elegantissima

I think it is marginally better but I leave it to others to judge.

Thanks for dropping by.








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