Making a bee-line

This is a fairly ordinary photo but I quite like it. I also learned something in the process of watching the bees go to this flower.

Keep me covered chaps. I’m going in………..

Blue-banded bee: Amegilla sp.

I thought the bees would fly in, collect pollen, turn around and I would be able to photograph them head-on as they emerged.

WRONG. They all shuffled out backwards. I did not get a single head on picture. It looked as if there should be plenty of room to do a three point turn but no. They all decided to reverse uphill. Without wing mirrors. Pretty impressive technique. Isn’t that fascinating? Well I think it is, even if you don’t.

A flight worthy of Rimsky Korsakov himself.



3 thoughts on “Making a bee-line

  1. I love the colour and the clarity of that bee, just amazing. As for the egress, perhaps less pollen is lost backing out as opposed to a three point turn.

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