Full Frontal dragonfly

I went back to the shots of the world’s best dragonfly this morning, thinking I might cull a few more. This one caught my eye second or third time round and it has had very little processing. On reflection, I quite like this.

Trithemis aurora frontal view

Then I looked again at Monday’s shots. I processed two but one I subsequently decided not to post as the critical focus was fractionally out. This was the only other one I preserved.

Ceratina cognata

This is a small carpenter bee, identified from that old stalwart, Insecta Hongkongica. I’d like the left antenna a little sharper but that will have to be for another shoot. I think it still just about passes muster.

If it stops raining this afternoon I am going out again to see if I can find the multi-coloured grasshoppers as I am still without an ID. Wish me luck 🙂



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