Gold leaf – an alternative view

Although I liked my gold leaf shot yesterday it was really a test shot to make sure my kit was working after the tripod toppled over. I wonder, in passing, whether there is a Russian out there called Toppldova? Sharapova beat Toppldova in straight sets, 3 & 4 🙂

Any road up, I decided to see what the leaf would look like in black & white. After experimenting a little I settled on sepia. I also cleaned up the background and added a border. This was the result:

The background clean up was done in about 30 seconds. Two whirls of the lasso and a quick drag of the patch tool in CS6 and Bob’s your uncle. Done. No cloning, no spot healing. Right up to the edge. Wonderful.

I used Silver Efex Pro 2 to process this initially and then finished it off in CS6. I prefer this to the original but I have not come up with a snappy title. Suggestions welcomed.

7 thoughts on “Gold leaf – an alternative view

  1. Nice BG (do you like my familiar use of “BG” ?) I think it would have greater impact if the tip at the bottom was sharper, still vairy naice.

    Stumped for a nifty title, mind.

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