Learning to play with filters in CS6

I’m getting a little braver these days. After the brutality of my colour image of a plant, I went to B&W. Today I decided to explore the filter gallery for the first time.

The first trick was working out that this is not available unless you are working in 8-bit mode. I don’t usually do so until I ‘save for the web’. Having cracked that one I spent a happy hour playing with various options, learning how to combine them and manipulate them using the many sliders available.

This is a pretty conservative output but I quite like the texture to it:

The base filter for this is craquelure, simulating paint on plaster.

If you look at the sequence of version 1, version 2 and this one they move such a long way from what the camera RAW file recorded I am amazed and, dare I say, pleasantly surprised. Even a processing duffer like me can do this so anybody with an ounce of post-processing skill should be able to go further if desired.

I promise not to show any more of this but here are small reminders of v1 and v2.


The End.


4 thoughts on “Learning to play with filters in CS6

  1. All i can say is: tread carefully. Some photographers have been known to wander casually into filterland, never to return…

    Seriously, when you start dabbling with filters, the potential combinations are simply infinite. Fun, but potentially addicting 🙂

  2. I would agree with the previous post filters can be addictive and can make a person lazy because they have the mindset that a filter can fix it or hide it.. Though on the other hand having a dabble or some filter binges can help to see what the filter is good for. Glad your enjoying CS6.

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