A hymn to hymenoptera


A celebration of bees and wasps from my local patch.


11 thoughts on “A hymn to hymenoptera

  1. Hi I stumbled upon your blog and am in awe of the beautiful images. I will be visiting Hong Kong in November, would I still be able to catch a glimpse of the insect fauna? I am particularly interested in parasitic hyms, any location tips would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Miles,

      I am not so sure what will be around in November insect-wise as I shall be well back into bird-mode by then. I’ll try to find out and if I don’t post here again within a few days then leave me a reminder. Cheers, Andrew

    • Miles, here is my friendly experts response:

      “I’m not as well-versed in the parasitic Hymenoptera as with the stinging forms. Based on what I recall from my outings during the winter period, I wouldn’t say that parasitic Hymenoptera totally disappear as they do in other countries, but there are definitely far fewer than in spring and summer, when they are most active.

      Some of the usual places like LNEC, Kadoorie Farm or any of the country parks are good places to find them.”

      I would add that HK has a very good public transport system but you might need taxis to access some places reasonably quickly. You can google them or I can help with direction if needs be. We had someone out here about May and he took specimens away with him but was fully licensed by AFCD I think.



      • Thanks for the quick response Andrew from both you and your friend, I will take a look around when I am there and hopefully spot some interesting critters. Probably won’t collect as I don’t have any permit, just interested in the local fauna.



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