The new Canon 24-70mm F2.8L II USM

I took my new toy out today. These are not strictly speaking test shots because some have been post processed. A few are out of the can. Easy to see which is which I guess. The body was the 5D3. I bought this lens for a specific reason. It will be my Antarctic landscape lens so wandering around the town was not a fair test – the lens has no IS and will usually be used tripod mounted. So please don’t judge it on my ability to handhold.

Random shots they are then:








My gut reaction? This is one sharp lens. The first image had minimal sharpening applied and even so it seems too much to me. The rest are unsharpened – I did experiment with sharpening but it simply wasn’t improving the images – on the contrary. The only other lenses with which I routinely never need sharpening are the M lenses. The lens has a B&W UV filter on it (82mm) and I don’t know how much this helps but our air is hazy so I imagine it must help a little. The lens is not cheap – about HK$18,800 (US$2,400) – but hey, its only money.

Off to Mai Po again tomorrow if the alarm clock works so a complete change of gear in every sense. Mrs. Ha is busy with the sandwiches as I write. She is an angel.

Lulu is sadly in the doghouse. We asked her to predict the soccer results yesterday (much as the octopus did so successfully during the world cup). She didn’t do very well. She won’t be doing our lottery numbers this week.

Have a good week.


6 thoughts on “The new Canon 24-70mm F2.8L II USM

  1. This is a very fine lens, IMO. You must be tired of my repeating that although you now know why. And I think, considering its weight, that you did a pretty fair job hand-holding for these images.
    Do you think that Lulu possibly knows of your trip and was trying to dwindle the finances so you had to stay at home with her. Dogs are shrewd. 🙂

  2. Good choice – in photography it pays to always buy the best bit of gear you can afford. You soon forget the money spent, but he money you save in buying cheaper gear is worth nothing, when your pictures aren’t sharp. Enjoy your travels 🙂

  3. Well Andrew, those test shots look very fine indeed. Looks corner to corner sharp in every case. Must be an beast to carry around though. Looking forward to the Antarctic shots!

    • Thanks Barry. Still quite a wait for Antarctica. Their summer doesn’t start until November and the season ends in February. Yes the lens is heavy but it is a much better lens than my 24-105 as far I can tell so far.

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