Heteroscelus brevipes

The Grey-tailed Tattler made a brief appearance in another post recently. This is a shot from yesterday’s excursion, which you will recall was hijacked by the Tiger Shrike.

Heteroscelus brevipes

Now nobody will ever take me seriously as a birder for two reasons. Firstly, I am not very good at identifying things. That is something of a drawback in serious birding circles. I do try, honestly, but my aim is enjoyment not income, lists or prestige. I just like watching birds. Secondly, I have a horrible tendency to anthropomorphize them. So when I saw this one my instinctive reaction was to add a caption.  In view of its topicality I was going to suggest:

“Oi! You….. stop pointing that lens at me. Who do you think I am? The Duchess of Cambridge?”

But then I changed my mind in case The Palace decided to sue me. More page 3 birds to follow.


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