Cambodia – light, camera, action

I rose early today. I had promised myself a second shot at the dawn light. This was day one’s effort:

I wanted something more dramatic. As I left my room I saw the sun was already ahead of me. Before I could even leave the hotel through the main gate I just had to take a frame or two. This was my chosen keeper.

Maybe my mind played tricks on me but I am sure the golden light was gone much more quickly today. Barely 20 minutes after I was at the ferry terminal the chance to sprinkle a little magic dust on the images had gone.

Each of us on the course uses a different sort of camera but the key is familiarity. After two and a half days of virtually non-stop work with the M9 it is becoming what it should always be, an extension of myself. I still curse the relatively poor high ISO sensor performance in sub-optimal light but in return it rewards me with superb files in any other conditions. In 5 sessions all 4 of my lenses have been in use, the 24 ‘Lux, the 35 ‘Lux, the Nocti’ and the 90mm ‘Cron.

This is another fabulous file from the Nocti’.

Another conversion, this frame from the latest 35mm Summilux.

And finally, 2 brothers in playful and reflective mood:

Kids move fast and old knees don’t. Getting up and down to eye level or to shoot from a low perspective is challenging the body in my case. I need WD40 not mosquito repellent. This is not action in the sense of movies or sports   but just a constant need to be alert to what is going on around you.  Changing light, subjects coming and going, wonderful expressions lost……… and regained momentarily. Jostling for position, anticipating the next opportunity and assessing colour, background, harmony of composition, generally trying to visualize what the final frame is to look like. I struggled today – not as productive in quality but still learning all the time. Even new tricks in post-processing to take me forward.

This workshop is run by F8 Photography from Hong Kong and I have added a link to Gary Tyson’s website below. We enter the final straight tomorrow and then I fly on to Singapore to work for a day or so. Then I can start the serious editing when I get back to HK. The alarm is set for another early start and this is what I am determined not to miss………..As John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival sang, Long as I can see the light…..

7 thoughts on “Cambodia – light, camera, action

  1. You have some beautiful images there Andrew. Those sunrises look great and I really like the silhouettes of the people near the water. The B&W of the “old person” is fantastic, love the DoF on it. I’ve never personally tried a Leica but I have seen a few photos made with the M9. The combination of Leica glass and algorithms make for some wonderful photos. You seem to mastered the M9. I’m saving my pennies and by the time I am too old manual focus I should have enough for one plus a Voigtlander lens…lol

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