Day by Day in Phnom Penh

Back home, exhausted and a bit deflated. Four days of photography and a couple of work days had my mind buzzing in a way it hasn’t for some time. Stopping dead after a 6 day high is tough. Firstly I’d like to commend the high standards of training Cathay Pacific give to their crew. On my flight back from Singapore the attendant clearing away my “food” tray managed to drop it. There was stuff on the floor, on the table, in the seat’s magazine rack, on the arm of the seat……… everywhere but on me. A splendid trick worthy of Cirque du Soleil. I wonder whether the next person to sit in 17G will enjoy the tomato I spotted nestling in the entertainment guide.

Now I am going back through my images with a little more time.  A lot of “picks” are now clear “rejects” but after reviewing day one here are three that made the cut.




And yes, they are all in black and white but no they are not shot with the Leica. We worked in monsoon rains that afternoon and the Leica went back in the bag. The M9 is a fine camera by any standards but weatherproof it is not. So my back-up camera was the Fuji X100. I shot in RAW and jpeg simultaneously but each of these is a RAW converted to DNG and then processed in LR4 and finished off in CS6 for resizing and saving to web.

The tuk tuk shot is not my normal sort of image but nevertheless I kind of liked this. Most drive past shots get binned. They seem like a good idea at the time but usually fail to look even remotely interesting when I review them. The 35mm equivalent lens means the main focal area is quite small but it gives a decent sense of driving through the flooded streets.

The day two review will follow…………


10 thoughts on “Day by Day in Phnom Penh

  1. The first two shots really demonstrate that, even under a one-meter ledge in pouring rain, there are still images waiting to be captured. Nicely done.

  2. nice shots Andrew, make a point to use the X100 more….when you have time, take only one or the other and force yourself to use it, it will also help you train your eye for the 35mm viewpoint. I too am guilty of bringing along far too many cameras and lenses each day and it actually just confuses me…lol 🙂

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