Light tests – the Noctilux F0.95

At either extreme of the day my first choice in Phnom Penh was the Noctilux. Its F0.95 aperture is not unique but it is arguably currently the best commercially available ‘fast glass.’

Here are some early morning shots at the ferry terminal and one night shot. There is inevitably some noise but maybe someone with better processing skills could deal with it more effectively.

If this wasn’t the lowest light here is another with the ferry leaving rather than arriving.

And one shot even earlier that Facebook followers will recognize:

And this is the night shot I chose.

This was handheld at 1/30s, ISO 1000, wide open. I leveled this to the balustrade at the front but it looks a little tilted still. I may play around with this more.

All these were shot on Day 2 but this was from day 3:

This has had very little processing.

I have one more early morning shot to come but that must wait for another day.



2 thoughts on “Light tests – the Noctilux F0.95

    • No Fred. My allegiance is to Leica lenses not bodies. I think they are over priced and overrated but if someone gave me an M that would be different. But you can’t beat the Nocti…… yet.

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