Red sky in morning…….

This image took me a while to process. I darkened the sky a little and added some contrast. I lifted the foreground slightly and pushed the vibrance up with a little glow dust sprinkled on it too. I screwed up the reds on the horizon where the left is ok but the right is a tad dull. I think I was not accurate enough on the quick select / refine edge tools. Nevertheless, subject to correcting this I am reasonably content that this is a much better reflection of what the eye saw than the flat DNG file starts with. When changing brightness / luminosity using a curves layer it is important to make sure the selections include or indeed exclude all the bits not just those that are obvious. For example there is some lovely light at the bottom of the motorbike that is separate from the rest of the water and sky. If you miss these then the image has patches of inconsistent light that you would not see in reality. Sometimes the process becomes slow and fiddly but it is worth it.

But what do you think? That’s all that matters in the end.




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