Birds of a feather

I was up and out at 5am this morning to see what the sunrise would bring me at Nam Sang Wai. Not too much was the answer other than a wonderfully peaceful start to the day and some glorious light.

In the absence of any good bird photo-opps I resorted to taking shots of the scenery. Sadly, views like this count for nothing in Hong Kong and shortly this one will disappear and be replaced by some awfully nice flats. And if there’s one thing that Hong Kong needs, it is flats. As many as possible. Bulldoze the country parks. Rip out all those nasty green bits. Build more flats. Bugger the birds (if you’ll pardon my French).

Eventually I went on to Mai Po and the tide was not too bad but there weren’t too many birds worth photographing. They of course may disagree but he who holds the camera picks the clicks. And I am getting much pickier about what I click. Here however is a Little egret, fresh back from the hairdressers:

Personally I’d ask for a refund. And here, just for fun, is a size comparison, Curlew versus Whimbrel:

When I grow up I want to be a Curlew, says the Whimbrel…….

I have not had time to process many shots yet and frankly may not do too many more.

But I will add a rather special Dusky warbler. Not from Mai Po but My Patio. It flew into the French windows this afternoon and after looking a bit dazed for several minutes it did get up and fly off. Beautiful plumage!

You can waste hours trying to photograph these birds in the field. They are skulkers. Big time. They “chack” a lot so you hear them all over the place. But unless one bounces off your dining room window you rarely get a shot as close as this. Now I wonder if the developers of Nam Sang Wai will fit their flats with bird-bouncing windows to soften the impact. But wait, they won’t need to will they because all the birds will be gone.

House Builders United 1-0 Habitat Preservationists. (No extra time).



2 thoughts on “Birds of a feather

  1. Really nice images Andrew! Of course I’m particularly drawn to the first one…that is a really nice landscape and you did well in making order out of the chaos. The last one has a couple of qualities…first, it is a very cute little bird, and second, it is a great commentary image…

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